Aretis Creces Protocol


Game-Fi Systems

Game-Fi are video game projects with decentralized finance (DeFi) elements. Game-Fi is built on blockchain technology, using cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Overcoming the centralized management barriers of traditional games, Game-Fi is the inevitable development in game technology.


Game-Aretis is inspired by the ancient Greek mythological battle on Mount Olympus. Warriors armed with shields, armor and sharp swords will fight alongside the Gods to regain dominion from the cruel Titans.
Users will have the opportunity to own their own unique characters (NFT).

Reward system

Players can earn $ARIS and in-game NFT rewards by completing missions, battling other players, and progressing through different levels.
  • Daily mission rewards
  • Monthly rewards
  • Combat mode rewards

Mission System

Game-Aretis builds many different game modes, each of which will collect different rewards.
  • Challenge mode
  • PvP
  • PvE
  • Map
  • Energy Recharge
  • Item Upgrade

DAO – Game-Aretis

In Game-Aretis, users have full control over assets that are NFTs, with verifiable authenticity and ownership. The Game-Aretis Community will participate in the decision-making, recommendation and voting process for the Game through the ‘Decentralized Autonomous Organization’ (DAO).
This ensures the fairness and transparency of the game. Game updates or changes in the reward mechanism will be voted and chosen by the community.
Coming soon