Aretis Creces Protocol


ACP has its own decentralized exchange called ACP-Swap where you can buy and sell your $ARIS
ACP-Swap is a de-financialization center that stands on the shoulders of DeFi's predecessors, offering new millennials and Generation Z complete control of their financial products without any centralized custody. ACP-Swap offers a solution for using a small number of digital assets, without the need to understand complex on-chain transactions or to have advanced financial knowledge. ACP-Swap consists of the following main elements:
  • ACP-Swap: a DEX based on an automated market-making mechanism.
  • Automated Order: an AMM-based automated order mechanism that can be set to automatically execute orders in queue order when they reach a predetermined execution price. Provides arbitrageurs with automated tools to improve the AMM price formation mechanism.
  • Smart Route: ACP's smart routing of orders across chains enables automatic selection of multiple mainnet liquidity pools. Support for more pairs and smaller slippage.
  • Adaptive Bonding Curve: ACP's Adaptive Bonding Curve combines greater liquidity and better price discovery for different asset classes.
  • Layer2 Support: Leverages the Layer2 protocol to dramatically increase the efficiency of on-chain clearing and settlement.
Coming soon