Aretis Creces Protocol

Team and Partners

Core Team

1. Joe Stanley - Chief Executive Officer

My core experience ranges from both front-end blockchain applications to back-end architecture design and implementation, smart contract development and development of dApps for Fintech and other industries that need the push of decentralization, tokenization, and smart contracts.

2. Daniel Hopper - Chief Financial Officer

I have more than 8 years of experience in finance, accounting and market analysis fields.
  • Financial planning (development of financial models for projects; budgeting for companies);
  • Management accounting (implementation and monthly reports).
  • Financial analysis (NPV, Payback period; Profitability ratios; Break-even point, IRR, Discounted Payback period calculation).

3. Kevin Gates - Co-Founder, HR

Professional HR Manager, Ethereum educator, angel investor and advisor. I have 3 years of experience in teaching Blockchain, Ethereum, Solidity.

4. Naomi Carter - Chief Marketing Officer

Currently a freelancer with 7 years of experience. A professional with 5 years of extensive experience in various reputable companies in the fields of data entry, internet research, verification, customer service, administrative support and email marketing.

5. Sarah Brown - UI UX Designer

10+ years experience in Graphic Design, 2 years experience in Content Writing.
  • I focused on Web3 and Metaverse.
  • Contribute to Web3 projects like web3uikit, Moralis
  • Career skills include: Brand marketing, UX/UI, Digital marketing strategy, Digital media, Copywriting, Graphic design, Website design & build, New business development, Social media management, Email marketing strategy & design, Content generation.

6. Sebastian Freytag - Chief Technology Officer

Full Stack Developer with +5 years experience. Techstack includes ReactJS TypeScript NodeJS MongoDB Ethers.js … I have worked extensively with Web3. Contribute to 10+ projects in Web3 space. Expert in Solidity.
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